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The testing procedure is one of the basic duties of every local Mensa. It is the only way of selection from the pool of interested candidates who possess required intelligence quotient (IQ). The result on the test that can be aquired by only 2% of the general population gives a candidate the access to Mensa membership. Depending on the scale, the required value of IQ of the members of Mensa, is 133 or more by Binet`s scale or 148 or more by Cattel`s scale.

Explanation of intelligence phenomenon is a lenghty one. There are many psychometric methods of determining your intelligence quotient, as well as different criteria, which have to be incorporated in the procedure itself. Generally, the IQ represents a quotient of a person's intellectual ability (results achieved on the test) and age. Average human population has IQ between 90 and 110 units on Gauss` normal distribution (Cattel`s scale). Gifted people are those with IQ between 120 and 140 units. However, all test-takers who achieve more than 140 IQ units are extremely intelligent people.

The testing procedure

If you decide to join us, by attending the testing organised by the Mensa Serbia, you`ll probably be interested in the following testing procedure related information:

Be advised while signing up for the testing procedure:

  • You have a right to be tested only if you haven`t had access to our test in the previous 12 months, nor have been tested three times already.
  • We have to identify you, so bring some ID, such as an: Identification Card, Passport, School ID Card, Driver`s License, Military Service Card, Refugee ID Card, etc. If you are under-age, you can show us your Health Social Security Card or Your City Transport Pass.
  • The testing fee can be paid in cash at the testing sign-up.
  • Keep your receipt obtained from our treasurer with you.


On the test day, you need:

  • Any of Your identification documents.
  • Your test-fee receipt.
  • A pen.


Be patient...

Even though we do all we can to increase the speed of accepting candidates to the testing-rooms, the process of forming test groups, control of candidates` rights to be tested, and check of required documents, may produce an unavoidable delay.

Your test results will be mailed to you in four to six weeks. This delay is because all the tests are processed by only one person – the designated psychologist of Mensa Serbia and Montenegro. This way absolute confidentiality of candidate`s results is guaranteed - Your test scores are known only to you and the psychologist. We do not make or publish any list of results or candidates.

For your information...

  • The testing procedure with all necessary general explanations, detailed test instructions, as well as answers on your questions, lasts approximately 45 minutes. The test itself lasts exactly 40 minutes.
  • Prior to the beginning, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire. Please, do it completely. The data required will be only kept in Mensa Serbia database and used for the internal statistics and therefore are absolutely secret.
  • Tests are "culture-free", which means they don`t give advantage to any sexual, professional, religious, racial, social or any other group. It is purely graphic and frequently used in many other national Mensas.
  • You can get all aditionall information from our staff present at the testing.
  • The testing procedure itself ends with a short presentation of Mensa Serbia.

If there are more things you feel are unclear, be free to ask our members at the testing itself, or send e-mail to the testing committee. We would be happy to reply to your enquiry.

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