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SIGHT is an acronym meaning Service for Information, Guidance, and Hospitality to Travellers. SIGHT connects Mensans who want to meet other Mensans. Some travel themselves while others give advice to travellers including the best places to stay or visit.

SIGHT also puts members in touch with each other as hosts and guests, providing each party with the information to make contact. SIGHT is not an immigration agency, a job placement agency or a source of long-term (or permanent) accommodation.

Once the introduction has been made, Mensa is no longer involved and arrangements are agreed between traveller and host.

Global SIGHT network is composed of three basic elements: hosts, guests and coordinators. Hosts are members who are willing to welcome travelling Mensans into their homes, or help in other ways Mensans who want to visit host's home country. Guests are travellers who, as well as hosts, seek for a good and intelligent company of their fellow members from all over the world. Coordinators are in charge of connecting compatible hosts and guests.

If you are a Mensa member planning to visit Serbia, please contact

Aleksandra Borović, SIGHT coordinator for Mensa Serbia

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