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MENSA Vranje

On the initiative of Nebojša Novković, the first Mensa member from Vranje, the first testing in Vranje took place in April 2006, at the Teacher’s Faculty. With additional 12 members selected on that testing and the great support of the local authorities and media, the local Mensa group in Vranje was founded in May 2006. As soon as it was founded, the local Mensa group became very active and took part in different events within the local society. After the second testing in May 2007, the number of members raised to 22.

Meetings and Gatherings:

  • Regular gatherings in Vranje take place every Saturday from 19h at the coffee bar Rosso Nerro.
  • Activities of the local Mensa in Vranje in 2006 and the first part of 2007:
  • Participation in the MEGA project organized by Municipal authorities of Vranje and USAID
  • The opening of the IT Fair “The third sight”
  • Co-organization of the gathering of Mensa in Niš
  • Organization of the gathering of Mensa in Vranje in September 2006
  • Group attendance of the gathering of Mensa in Palić in August 2006
  • Second IQ testing in Vranje in April 2007 (49 candidates took the test)
  • Preparation and execution of the ABA/CELLI project on he territory of the municipality Vranje
  • Organized the blood donation activity for Mensa members and the public
  • Organized the performance of the music bend “Liga izuzetnih džentlmena” from Niš
  • Participation at the 5th forum of NGOs from South Serbia in Vranjska Banja

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