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PALIC 2014

Dear Members,

We invite you to the traditional gathering on Palić lake, from September 05th to 07th, 2014.

This is the fifteenth gathering in Palic. It was first organized in 2000, with the aim to bring together members of Mensa from neighboring countries as well as countries of the former Yugoslavia. In all these years we've had great classes and a variety of courses, we learned a lot of useful things, socialized with scientific and social authorities of our country, public figures, there was a lot of fun, laughter, friendship, great food and great entertainment.

It is our wish this year to process several useful topics, which may contribute to the development of Mensa and its members, for the purpose of personal improvement and expansion of own horizons. In addition, we have a self-defense course for women, which can certainly be handy, and as it turns out, becomes verz useful in today's times. We also organized Subotica sightseeing with a professional guide, for those who will not attend the lectures.

Like on previous year the accomodation is on participants' own organization, given the rich tourist offer in Palic this should not be a problem.

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The suggestion of the organizers, which of course does not bind anyone, is "Palićka kruna", all data on http://www.palickakruna.rs

This year a meeting of the Presidency of Mensa Serbia with the Supervisory Board of Mensa Serbia will take part during the gathering. The meeting will be open to all interested members, but with prior notice to the address: predsednistvo@mensa.rs.




FRIDAY, September 5

14:00 to 18:00 Arrival and accommodation

19:30 onwards - YACHTING CLUB Palic - dinner (stew) for all participants, the food is paid by a small share of 100 RSD (with previously purchased vouchers). Drinks are not included.


SATURDAY, September 6


- Self-Defense Course for Women

- A story about the key mental skills

- Subconscious Communication and NLP

10:00 to 11:30 Course of self-defense for women, but the men  and especially children are welcome as well. The course will be held on the grass at the villa "Bagojvar", about 100 m from the Eco Centre. The course is led by Mr. Vladimir Brkic.

12:00 to 15:00 A trip to a horse farm in Kelebija - horseback riding, carriage rides and horse farm tour with a guide. Participation of 300 RSD per person. Free for children under five years old.

Lunch: this time it is not particularly organized, so that everyone can choose whether to visit some of the many Palic "salas", some of the villas / restaurant, or one of the three fish restaurants on the lake.

13:00 to 14:30 Meeting of the Managing Board of Mensa Serbia, with the Supervisory Board of Mensa Serbia, in the Yachting Club Palic.

Lectures - ECO Center in Palic (circular green building near Villa Victoria):

 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The story of the key mental skills

Interactive lecture is a journey into the world of mental abilities that have the greatest impact on our lives. What are the key skills, how important are they and how much time we devote to their development? What can we do to firmly take the helm of our lives, improve our capabilities and preserve the vitality well into old age?

Mr Predrag Djukic is the author of  ntc:m program for skill development for managers who are essentially based on two segments: the adoption of effective thinking techniques and the development of mental abilities that are necessary for their effective practice.

The program relies on modern scientific knowledge about brain function and introduces a number of innovations in relation to the academic mode. All trainings ntc: m programs are interactive and largely represent the path to knowledge through games and solving practical problem situations.

17:00 to 17:10 Break

17:10 to 18:30 Subconscious communication and NLP

Knowledge which helps everyone and can always help in every area of life, be it business, career, relationships with colleagues, self promotion, progress up the social ladder, or relations with neighbors and all other interactions with people, is the education and knowledge of communication skills. No matter how much at first glance it might seem strange, but the fact is that almost no one has ever prospered in any area of ​​life, private or business, if he was not good at dealing with people and presenting what he does to his environment.

Talk about subconscious communication, as one of the segments of all communications, will be held by a professional trainer and speaker Boris Teodosijević. Thousands of students have passed so far through his seminars and courses, eager to work on their own development and progress in all spheres of life by improving personal communication skills and relationships with people.

Sightseeing of Subotica

16:30 to 18:30 For those who do not wish to attend the lectures, especially for visitors from other countries, which would have difficulties to follow the lectures in Serbian language, we have organized a tour of Subotica, with, of course, possible leisure activities, tour of the zoo, of the lake and the like.

19:00 onwards - YACHTING CLUB Palic, dinner (barbecue) for all participants in the meeting, the food is paid a small share of 150 RSD (with previously purchased vouchers).

SUNDAY , September 7.

09:00 to 12:00 Palić Olympics on the coast, near the villa "Bagojvar", about 100 m from the Eco center (no participatoin charge). Olympics involves sports games, often very funny, jumping in the sack, forcing the ring, a stone's throw from the shoulder, pulling the rope, dry water polo etc.. Lots of laughter and fun, a good sporting spirit. Competition will be organized separately for adults and for children. More information about Palić Olympics and its founder Lajos Vermes can be found at http://hr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pali%C4%87ka_olimpijada

13:00 Lunch - Sunday Lunch - buffet restaurant "Mala gostiona" in Palic, at a price of 1,090 dinars, which includes the unlimited amounts of food and wine, while other drinks are paid separately. For adults and children over 12 years, 1090 RSD, for children aged 6 to 12 years half price. For children under 6 years free.


Farewell to guests in front of Mala gostiona.

We ask all members and guests to register their attendance at the meeting through a login form on the page http://www.mensa.rs/sr/forme/80/ Registration no later than September 3,. until 23:30.

This is very important to do, so that we know to plan all the necessary resources, food, etc., for all participants. The one who performs the application, whether it is a member of Mensa Serbia or guest, can fit to the application and your guests and family members. It is desirable to write a note about the number of children reported by their "guests".

 T-shirts with the Mensa logo can also be ordered hrough the application form, the price of 500 RSD (see picture on the login form). Orders for shirts will be accepted until Tuesday, 02.09.2014. 08h in the morning, to allow the producer enough time to make and deliver the T-shorts before the gathering.


Best regards and see you at Palic!

Boris Teodosijević

Vice President of Mensa Serbia

PALIC 2010

This year, the traditional International Mensa gathering at Palic will be held from Friday, August 27th to Sunday, August 29th.

This is eleventh gathering at Palic. The first was organized in the year 2000. Through all these years we had great lectures, course in nonviolent communication, a lot of joy, friendship, laugh, excellent food and a marvelous fun above all.

The wish of the organizers was to make a step ahead and improve the content of the gathering by aiming the main goal of Mensa – human intelligence, its detection, development and it’s usage for well-being of the whole planet.

The official language of the meeting is Serbian. Translation from Serbian to English or Hungarian will be provided.The program of the meeting

Program of the meeting

Friday, August 27th

14 – 18h arrival and accommodation of the participants

18h dinner at Yachting Club Palic – food is free, drinks will be charged

Saturday, August 28th

10.00 – 10.30h EKO Center – official opening of the gathering

10.30 – 11.00h – About human intelligence in general (Ranko Rajovic)

11.00 – 11.45h Emotional aspects of human intelligence (Jelena Sakoric)

11.45 – 12.00h Break

12.00 – 12.45h Economic aspects of human intelligence (Tibor Kis)

12.45 – 13.30h NTC system of learning – results so far (Ranko Rajovic and Uros Petrovic)

13.30 – 15.30h Lunch break – menu lunch in “Vila Viktorija“ (soup, main meal with meat, vegetables and desert, with optional fish or vegetarian menu). Price: About 5 Euros

15.30 – 19.00h Free time - walk around the lake, visit to Subotica, visit to the ZOO

19.00h Dinner for all participants at the Yachting club, party after dinner. Food is free, drinks will be charged

Sunday, August 29th

10.00 – 13.00h Palic olympic games

13.30h Sunday lunch - buffet lunch in the restaurant „Mala Gostiona“. Price: About 9 Euros (for food). Drinks will be charged separately.

15 – 16h EKO Center:

Appropriation of medals (Olympic games and Volleyball tournament)

Farewell speech (Zoran Dukic)

Taking group photo in front of EKO Center.


We look forward to hosting you at Palic!

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