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Mensa Days in Belgrade 2015


Dear Mensans,

The event Days of Mensa in Belgrade will celebrate its 12th birthday on mid August. This year during the Beer Fest we will have the opportunity to meet in Belgrade, having usual, but also some new activities on the program. The term of the gathering is from Friday, August 21st to Sunday, August 23rd, 2015. 


Fab Lab Polyhedra - two hour long 3D Printing Courses on:
- friday 21st avgust at 11h,
- sunday 23rd avgust at 11h
- sunday 23rd avgust at 14h
EscapeRoom | EscapeGame | EscapeStory
Direct reservation:
Escape Room – Library - Ivana Petrović +381(62)8211780
Escape Game - Laboratory, Mistery, and Enigma - Ivan Timko +381(63)534630
Escape Story - „Secret of Nikola Tesla“ and "Civilization - +381(11)3286268

Friday, August 21st

18h Lecture "Music and inteligence" at Music School Stankovic

21h - Pub Quiz at Coffee shop Galerija (Delijska 3)


Saturday, August 22nd

10 - 14 h - tour of Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia - Opservatory Košutnjak at Kneza Višeslava 66

From 15h every half hour the group of ten people will enter the bunker at the Kalemegdan fortress

At 15h and 17h - exhibition Medieval Torture Instruments

At 16h and 17h - tour of the new building of Cinematheque

Saturday movie projections at Cinematheque:
18h - Vim Venders - Land of Plenty
20:30 - Lars Von Trier - Nymphomaniac

An alternative program for Saturday agternoon:

15h - 17h - Bowling at Bowling Club Zabac, Sport Center Pinki

- Whatever you chose from the proposed program, the following activity after 21h is: going out to the Beer Fest


Sunday, August 23rd:

- From noon barbecue at a picnic area in Ada Ciganlija (Belgrade island).

- Children's games without frontiers
As in previous years, Sport SIG offers various sports, and there are games organized by Sigra (SIG for social games), as well as the possibility to swim in the lake;

- Late afternoon - Departure time;

- For those who remain – going out to the Beer Fest.

REGISTRATION for Mensa Days in Belgrade

Please register for the event by sending and e-mail to the organizers at: prijave@mensa.rs, no later than August 20th, 2015. In the message please specify which activities you want to attend and, if you are bring guests, how many guests you are bringing.

Cost summary:

Ticket for bunker 0,5 e per person; za decu do 7 godina - besplatno
Ticket for exhibition Medieval Torture Instruments – 2 E per person:
Ticket for the tour of the new building of Cinematheque – 1 E per person
Ticket for movie movie projection – 2 E per person
Bowling – 1 E/hour per person

Accommodation options:

If you want to try using the SIGHT services (Service for International Guidance and Hospitality to Travellers), submit your request to sight@mensa.rs.

Different options can be found on the website of the Tourist Organization of Belgrade.

For more information please contact the organizers, Aleksandra Borović and Milica Mladenović, by email.


Mensa Belgrade is looking forward to your presence at the event.

Greeting and see you soon!

Mensa Belgrade and a group of Belgrade SIGs

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