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Mensa Days in Belgrade 2014


Dear Mensans,

The event Days of Mensa in Belgrade will celebrate its 11th birthday on mid August. This year during the Beer Fest we will have the opportunity to meet in Belgrade, having usual, but also some new activities on the program. The term of the gathering is from Friday, August 15 to Sunday, August 17, 2014. This time to warm up, we offer bowling competition on Thursday, August 14, 2014. A new possibility for this year are T-shirts with logo and name of Mensa, which can be ordered from the organizers. Part of the cost of the T-shirt will be given as a donation to help those who suffered from the floods in Serbia last spring.


Thursday, August 14

18 - 20h "warming" - Bowling at Bowling Club Zabac on Vidikovac,

- Going out to the Beer Fest


Friday, August 15

18:00 Lecture "Myths and legends in neurosciences - let's not lie to each other"

Lecturer: Medical doctor, PhD Milos Bajčetić, Institute of Histology, Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade

Venue Debate: The Center for the Promotion of Science, Knez Mihailova 5 (former department store Belgrade) on the 2nd floor

About the lecture: History of medicine and research in neuroscience is replete with examples of great "revolutionary" discovery, but also the great misconceptions and misperceptions about what it is and how the brain works. Do we really use only 10 percent of their brain? Are you a "left-brain" or "right-brain" person? The lecture will attempt to provide answers to these and more questions

- After the lecture - going out to the Beer Fest


Saturday, August 16:

10 - 11 h A coffee with Princess Ljubica - Performance curator of the Museum of the City of Belgrade, refreshments - coffee and Turkish delight, a tour of the Residence of Princess Ljubica. Price, 200 RSD per person (approx 2 EUR). Not recommended for children under 12 because children are not allowed to drink coffee, and this program can be boring for them, our hosts say.

11:15 to 13:30 h walk with an expert guide of the Tourist Organization of Belgrade on Savamala - part of the city, which recently experienced a renaissance, and what will happen to it - we'll just have to wait and see ... Of course, we will not miss a tour of the recently renovated Belgrade beauty - Geozavod, or building the Belgrade Cooperative. http://www.politika.rs/rubrike/Drustvo/Geozavod-od-sutra-otvoren-za-gradjane.lt.html

14h - 15.30h Lunch at the restaurant at "Mikser House", Karađorđeva 46

Menu offered to our group:

Proposal 1, price 900.00 din (8 EUR):

Appetizer: potage pumpkin, carrots, ginger
Main course: Texas style smoked ribs, marinated in barbeque sauce, served with rustic potato
small salad: arugula with parmesan
Desert: Princes donuts

Proposal 2, price 980.00 din (9 EUR):

Appetizer: Fish soup
main course: grilled “cvapcici” in Uzice cream (served with fries and a small salad)
dessert: chocolate fondue, served with vanilla ice cream

Proposal 3, fasting / vegetarian menu, price 780.00 din (7 EUR):

Appetizer: potage pumpkin and leek soup or fish soup or Spring rolls served with soy sauce
Main course: Healthy small salad (grilled vegetarian meal salad)
Dessert: Fruit Salad

16 pm Workshop/Lecture "Eureka – Everyone can be a Think-Tank!"
Creativity as key to success – great lessons from da Vinci, Mozart to Edison and Steven Jobs! Creativity is one of the most important factors for success in business. But an innovative idea does not suddenly occur out of nowhere as a strike of genius in somebody’s head. Dealing with thoughts, concepts and ideas in a creative, playful and productive way is an ability that can be enhanced and trained – just like any other talent. This workshop will show and train a couple of established techniques, to do so. Not every musician will turn into Mozart, not every engineer will be Thomas Alva Edison und not every left handed painter will become Leonardo. But it is great fun to see and understand how they grew up to tap into their “genius potential” and get some tricks, to be more like them. And if you integrate these “thinking round the corner” in your life on a daily basis, you will definitely have more fun.

Lecturer: TeeKay (Thorsten Kreissig)

Venue: meeting room in Dom omladine Beograda

16 - 17:30 pm Introduction to the stars in the planetarium at the bottom of Belgrade Fortress

As part of the presentation, which takes about an hour, visitors can learn about the constellations, the movement of the celestial sphere, the appearance of the sky at different latitudes, with the universe from its inception until today, and objects that inhabit it. Ticket price is 250 euro (2,3 EUR) per person. Free of charge for children under 7 years.

18 - 20 h Archery in Archery club Elite archery, bb Prokupačka, railway station Prokop. www.elite-archery.com

Price 290 euro per person (2,7 EUR)


18 - 20h Bowling Bowling Club Toad in Zemun, Pinki hall.

An alternative program for Saturday:

If you did not find anything that would be of interest to you in this program, perhaps you would be interested to "rescue from the trap" and play the game Escape Game. And here's how it works:

Escape Game, real-life game of escape from the room, the creation of our member Timmy from Novi Sad. 2 to 5 players enter a room and you need to resolve a number of logical problems and puzzles to be able to came out of that room.


Room mystery - entry every 90 minutes, a group of a maximum of 5 people

Laboratory - entry every 90 minutes, a group of a maximum of 4 people

The distance between the entry into each room 30 minutes (for example, if the entry to the mystery room is at 12:00, the Laboratory can be entered only at 12:30)

- Whatever you chose from the proposed program, the following activity after 20h is: going out to the Beer Fest


Sunday, August 17:

- From noon barbecue at a picnic area in Ada Ciganlija (Belgrade island).

And this year in particular we invite members who have their own children, or want to bring the children of their relatives or friends to join us in the activities organized by the SIG Parent:

Children's games without frontiers

It is a competition in games that require little skill, a little more concentration and support of fans. Competitive discipline are more entertaining, designed to be fun and accessible to pre-school children (3 – 7 years old) and those who are already going to school (7 - 14).

As in previous years, Sport SIG offers mini golf (150 din = 1,5 EUR for a game for two), and there are games organized by Sigra (SIG for social games), as well as the possibility to swim in the lake;

- Late afternoon - Departure time;

- For those who remain – going out to the Beer Fest.

REGISTRATION for Mensa Days in Belgrade

Please register for the event by sending and e-mail to the organizers at: prijave@mensa.rs, no later than August 12, 2014.

Cost summary:

Tickets for the Princess Ljubica 200 din (approx 2 EUR)

Planetarium: 250 din per person (approx. 2,3 EUR); Children under 7 years - Free

Lunch on Saturday: as explained above


Archery: 290 din (approx. 2,7 EUR)

Minigolf 150 din party for two (approx. 1,5 EUR)

Bowling - free and on Thursday and Saturday

Escape game - price each term in any of the rooms is 3000 din (approx. 25 EUR). The laboratory has not yet been solved under 60 minutes.

For grill at Ada and participation in children's games without frontiers there is no charge.

T-shirts: 900 din (8,5 EUR) polo shirts (with the collar)  or 500 din (4,5 EUR) for plain t-shirts (with "O" cutout).


Accommodation options:

If you want to try using the SIGHT services (Service for International Guidance and Hospitality to Travellers), submit your request to sight@mensa.rs.

Different options can be found on the website of the Tourist Organization of Belgrade.

For more information please contact the organizers, Aleksandra Borović and Milica Mladenović, by email.


Mensa Belgrade is looking forward to your presence at the event.

Greeting and see you soon!

Mensa Belgrade and a group of Belgrade SIGs

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