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Mensa Days in Belgrade 2013


Marking a jubilee, Mensa Belgrade invites you for the tenth time to gather and have some fun in Belgrade during the Beer Fest. In keeping with recommendation of Mensa International to focus on work with (gifted) children when organizing activities of each national Mensa, this year we opted for a series of activities that children can participate in. Likewise, we certainly welcome those who simply feel like (eternal) kids!

The duration of the event is between 16 and 18 August 2013, but we also propose a bowling competition on Thursday, 15 August 2013, as an icebreaker.




Thursday, August 15

- 18 - 20h Icebreaker - bowling at the Bowling Club Žabac in Zemun, Pinki Hall

- Evening at the Beer Fest


Friday, August 16

- 18:30 Panel discussion on organ donation - Moderator Dr Ana Malivuković

Venue: UNS Press Centre, Knez Mihajlova 6/III

- Evening at the Beer Fest


Saturday, August 17

- 11 - 13:30 Walk through Topčider, with a professional guide from the Tourist Organization of Belgrade. Ticket price for the Prince Miloš's Residence is 100 dinars (1 euro) per person.

- 14 - 15:30 Lunch at Knežev lad restaurant

Menus offered to our group:

a) one burger (pljeskavica) or ten kebabs (ćevapčići), French fries and mixed salad; price 780 dinars (7 euros)

b) grilled chicken fillet, French fries and mixed salad; price 850 dinars (8 euros)

c) breaded cheese, grilled vegetables and mixed salad; price 510 dinars (5 euros)

- 16 - 18h Horseback riding for children and adults - Equestrian Club Divađo 2 at Belgrade Hippodrome

Price for 2 rounds of horse riding is 200 dinars (2 euros) per person.

- 18 - 20h Mobile digital planetarium in the hall of the Sveti Sava primary school, Avalska 8

Mobile digital planetarium is a modern technical tool which provides a realistic spatial experience of the starry sky. We will be guided through this extraordinary scientific and popular spectacle by our member Jovan Aleksić, who is an experienced science spokesperson and science communicator. On this trip you will get acquainted with constellations, see how the sky changes, encounter planets in the solar system and experience the night sky like never before!

Note: The planetarium will be set up in the school hall, which you must not enter wearing outdoor footwear - participants can either be barefoot or wear indoor footwear.


- 18 - 20h Bowling at the Bowling Club Žabac in Zemun, Pinki Hall

- Evening at the Beer Fest


Sunday, August 18

- Starting at noon, barbecue in the picnic area on Ada Ciganlija.

In particular, we invite members who want to bring along their children or the children of their relatives or friends to join us at this year's activity organized by the Parent SIG:

Children's Games Without Frontiers

It is a competition in games that require little skill, a little more concentration and most of all good mood and fan support. Disciplines are entertaining, designed to be fun and attainable for preschoolers (3 - 7) and school children (7 - 14).

Just like previous years, Sport SIG offers recreational activities: rock climbing at the price of 250 dinars/2.3 euros for two attempts, mini golf (150 dinars/1.3 euros for a game for two) and the possibility of swimming in the lake.

As expected, there are also social games organized by SIGra.

- Late afternoon: departure of guests

- Evening at the Beer Fest for those who remain.

Send the application to the organizers at: prijave@mensa.rs . Please, list all activities for which you are applying. If you are bringing a guest please provide the appropriate information for them. Applications will be accepted no later than 14 August 2013.


Cost summary:

Ticket for the Prince Miloš's Residence: 100 dinars/1 euro

Lunch on Saturday: as above (510-850 dinars/5-8 euros)


-       horse riding: 200 dinars/2 euros per person for 2 rounds (about 5 minutes)

-       rock climbing 250 dinars/2.3 euros for two attempts

-       mini golf 150 dinars/1.3 euros for two persons

-       bowling - free

There is no participation fee for mobile planetarium, barbecue on Ada and participation in children's Games Without Frontiers.


Accommodation options:

If you want to try using the SIGHT services (Service for International Guidance and Hospitality to Travellers), send your request to sight@mensa.rs.

Different options can be found on the website of the Tourist Organization of Belgrade.

For more information please contact the organizers, Aleksandra Borović and Milica Mladenović, by email.




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