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Mensa Belgrade

Planned activities in 2022:

  • Testing: the 11th of December
  • Regular meetings and gathering several times a month on thursdays


Note: Due to extraordinary circumstances it is possible to postpone the testing date. In order to receive complete information about the upcoming tests, it is recommended to sign up for our mailing list through which we send notifications.

Testiranje IQ u Beogradu - Mensa; foto Sara Tvrdišić

IQ testing at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade

Meetings and gatherings:

Gatherings are held every other thursday from 8 p.m. in catering facilities in the city center or accessible city center, and members are informed about them through the Viber community.

There are two ways to register and reserve your seat at a meeting place:

  1. Via Viber in the "Mensa Belgrade" Viber community.
  2. Via e-mail to the coordinator of Mensa for Belgrade (sara.tvrdisic@mensa.rs).

In order to receive regular information about all happenings in Mensa Belgrade, become a member of our Viber community, "Mensa Belgrade". All you need to do in order to join our Viber community is to send the following information to the coordinator of Mensa Belgrade to e-mail sara.tvrdisic@mensa.rs or Viber number +381 65 63 67 224:

  • phone number
  • Name and surname
  • Mensa membership number

Best regards,

Sara Tvrdišić, Coordinator of Mensa for Belgrade


Gatherings of Mensa members

Realized activities in 2022:

  • The 6th of March - free testing for voluntary blood donors and those who donated blood in the period preceding the testing
  • The 10th of April - testing
  • The 19th of June - testing
  • The 30th of September - the 2nd of October - Mensa Days in Belgrade
  • The 30th of October - testing

For a more detailed overview of activities from 2004 to the present, see page Activities of the Mensa Belgrade.

Testiranje IQ u Beogradu - Mensa; foto> Sara Tvrdišić

IQ testing at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade

Active SIGs in Belgrade:

"Photo SIG" Vlada Marinković
"Goodwill SIG - SIG for humanitarian work" Nataša Aćimović Knežević
"SIG for the development of memory and learning" Boris Projović
"Chess SIG" Dejan Savić
"EcoLogical SIG" Milica Mladenović
"SIGames – (SIGra)" Daniel David
"EDIT SIG - Education and Development in IT" Vladimir Milivojević
"Travel SIG" Aleksandra Borović
"SIG hedonist" Branko Ristić
"TOP SIG - Totaly Beer Fans" Nenad Novković
"Sport SIG" Nikola Radivojević
"SIG 4 opportunities" Milica Mladenović
"Tango SIG" Dragana Simić
"Psychotherapy SIG" Luka Mošković

Business Network

Mensa as a network, in addition to numerous opportunities to meet members of Mensa and establish friendships, opens up the possibility of connecting on a business level as well.

Benefits when using products and services are divided into two groups:

  • "Members for members" - benefits that Mensa Serbia members offer to Mensa members as part of their work
  • "Business for members" - advantages that institutions, companies... offer to Mensa members.





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